Interview Time!

April 27th, 2009

What up guys!!

Hope everyone has had a great start to the week even though the weather is kind of whack and now this epidemic of Swine Flu is upon us!!

Looking forward on the bright side Summer is near wohooo!!


Hot off the press, exclusive Interview with the Founder of Youneek… Me lol. Joseph has posted the awesome interview on his blog for young entrepreneurs, so check it out!!

Here is the link:

Interview with the Founder of Youneek Clothing – Michael Simon

Keep posted, and keep updated. Those of you that have copped your tees ready for the summer goodtimes! Any pictures that you have of you guys wearing Youneek Clothing drop by a message and we can get you up on the blog, email


Just Be… Youneek

Summertime Update!

April 22nd, 2009

What up guys!!

Summertime is fast approaching…. And the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived just in time!

New Youneek Tees are out now!

*White and Pink Fitted Tees for the Ladies*
*White and Red Men’s Tees*

Also Youneek Classic Sweatshirts are *On Sale at £19.99*

Check the site:

Stay fresh, stay Youneek!

Youneek Clothing 2000 and Summertime!


April 9th, 2009
In preparation for the Easter festivities and the summer line, Youneek is offering a crazy promotion!


*(You pay £22.94 for Sweatshirts incl P&P)*

Limited for the Easter Period ONLY, from now until Monday 13th April, Mid Night!

That’s right you heard it here first!!

Plus all online orders get a packet of Fun Gums Sweets!


Send an email to, requesting the promotional code to receive the discount!

Also those that are already supporting the movement, if you have any pictures feel free to upload them to the Youneek Clothing page, or send them to for a chance to get featured in the Youneek Clothing blog! Send your name, age, and location and we will be happy to get you featured!

Guys get ready for the summer!! It will be HOT, so be prepared when the new line drops verrrrryyyy sooooonn!

Tell the World!

Keep posted, Peace Love and Chuppa Chups… oh and Easter Eggs lol