It’s been a while!

October 31st, 2009

Wowwww! It has been a while since I have sat down and posted on my blog! CRAZY!
Well its 2:30 am and I am just going to write up what has been happening in my life lately. I feel the need to express!

Well.. Uni has commenced for my final year! YAAAAY! I cant’t wait till it is over, the workload is so full on! Dissertation, Assignments, Reading, Group Work! I’m so glad I took 2 vacations this year, as there is no relaxing for me at all! Back on campus as well…… its a good thing but at the same time you have to deal with the fools that cant cook and set off the fire alarm everyday at inconvenient times!! FUN…

A lot have changes have been happening lately. I have cut off my locks, and gone for the fresh trim look! Also I am trying to sort out alot of things with Youneek and really get it to where it should be. So guys keep tuned in. The patience is much appreciated. There are still items on the shop, those that have ordered, sorry for the delay but this Postal Strike is ridiculous!

I have also been thinking about things I want to do which I haven’t yet got round to doing. For a while I have been really wanting to almost ‘re live’ my childhood… So I intend to. Starting by collecting all of my old school favourite movies on DVD.
Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Big Trouble In Little China, GhostBusters, Gremlins, The NeverEnding Story… and I know there is so much more. Hopefully I will get some of those for Christmas lol! I definately want to stack up a nice collection of classics that I can look back on in a few years. I will let you guys know once I start collecting, I already know which ones I want to get 1st, and the prices are great!

Hopefully it won’t be such a long time before I post on here again! More updates to follow. Keep it cool, peeps!