Classic DVD’s Pt. 1

February 25th, 2010

Ok.. so I come back from the library to find the DVD’s I ordered from Amazon sitting on my desk!!

As I said in a previous post, I really want to ‘relive’ my childhood lol! So I am collecting all those old classic DVD’s of movies I watched when I was a kid. The first 3 I ordered of Amazon for ridiculously cheap: Home Alone 1, 2 and 3 Box Set, Problem Child and Honey I Shrunk The Kids. The collection has begun. I can’t wait to sit down after I have finished uni, and chill to watch a couple. What should I watch first?

Until next time guys, keep it fresh!

Dissertation = Stress!

February 23rd, 2010

Ok, so I have been at my Mac like all day trying to do the final parts of my 8,000 words dissertation! I’m getting there but, I just want it finished!!

Anyway, that is pretty much the reasons why I haven’t blogged about anything at all lately. All is still going well though with the relaunch process. A few hurdles have popped out of nowhere trying to slow the process down, but I shall overcome! Things will get sorted. And once my dissertation is handed in a few weeks from now, it will be all systems go!

I can’t wait to relaunch, but there is a lot to sort out, and I want to do things properly for this. I know some of you guys may be anxiously waiting, and I can’t give a specific date of the launch. However.. I am definitely aiming for a Summer launch! With the way things are going it seems like that can work. So June the latest hopefully!

As I have been saying from the beginning, a lot of things are changing, so stay tuned for the rebirth!

Here is a track, which is pretty much what I have been doing for the last couple of months! GRINDIN!

Sit back and enjoy!

World of Harry Potter!

February 10th, 2010

Ok so, I am not even a fan of Harry Potter, but I went to Orlando, Florida last year September and I was able to see some of the construction work which was happening at the Universal – Island of Adventures.
The construction looks amazing! I don’t know how long it has taken, but the end results look to be promising, and I am a sucker for theme parks, especially those that make you feel like a kid again like DisneyLand!

Here’s is a video of the most recent progress. Not sure what rides and such will be there, but it definitely looks like it will be worth the wait. All you Harry Potter fanatics, enjoy! And when it opens, try and get out there! Expected to open Spring 2010!

Hype: Preview 1..

February 8th, 2010

So it is erm… 4:22am and I have woken up out of my sleep after going to bed ‘early’ at 11pm lol! Fun times.. Just fixed myself some food, left over chinese food is greatness!
Now I am like trying to get back to sleep, in the mean time I thought I’d give a sneaky eeky preview of what is to come in the future for Youneek….

I also received a new quote last week for the production for the launch. Things are definitely moving forward, with the price not being as much as I had previously calculated. I am even more determined to get the launch moving on! Stay tuned for more updates, previews etc!


February 5th, 2010

Ok I am pretty sure everyone remembers the Sega Megadrive, it was great at its time… But I am a bit confused as to why the feel the need to try and revamp it, and relaunch it!!

Are Sega for real!!??

Well it is going to hit our stores this summer, priced at around £50 with classic and new games…

This seems like a FAIL to me lol!


February 3rd, 2010

Well if any of you guys are from the UK, London you will definitely know what a ‘shank’ is!

Check out the new trailer for the film, looks ite!!