Youneek offers fresh street wear clothing, consisting of bold, quirky designs influenced by fun educational and childhood memories. Established in Summer 2010.

The Story of William Whiz Kid

In a land far away, where books fly and calculators speak, lived a young lad by the name of William Whiz Kid. An ordinary boy, regularly out casted in society due to his incredible intelligence and farfetched dreams. He was consistently called a ‘Neek’ by his peers due to his passion for academic success, cartoons and bright colours. However, many years later the day came when William finally had enough and decided to escape his negative environment, making the decision to leave home and study at Youniversity.

Whilst studying at Youniveristy, William developed an outgoing personality and a ‘Passion for Fashion’ which he transferred into his everyday attire. Wearing bright colours and proclaiming positive statements, William inspired others to express their individuality through their appearance. As William progressed through his degree he developed into the unique individual he was destined to be.

Graduating from Wormalls School of Geniuses with a 1st class degree in ‘Positive Quirkology’, William went on to build an empire of his own, where ‘Neeks’ were no longer seen as inferior, but as aspiring people with unique qualities, setting them apart from the average individual.

It was as William continued to build his empire that he was inspired to convey his outlandish characteristics into eye catching, fashionable clothing, confronting the issues he had dealt with in the past. He used this as his way to express how he felt, despite his surroundings.

This was the birth of Youneek Clothing!

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